Horizon Zero Waste - A simple guide to sustainable alternatives

🍎 Food & Drinks

Default Alternative
Bottled water Filtered water and insulated metal bottles
Plastic straws Reusable metal straws
Plastic cutlery Metal cutlery set
Hard plastic containers (tupperware) Mason jars
Throwing away fruits & vegetable discards Composting discards & planting seeds
Packaged nuts Bulk nuts
Plastic juice bottles Freshly squeezed juice
Yogurt cups Yogurt tubs served in a washable cup
Coffee pods Coffee beans and burr grinder
Tea sachets Loose-leaf tea and tea pot
Plastic or paper soda cups Reusable and washable mugs, bottles, or cups
Plastic cutting boards Wooden cutting boards
Paper or wax baking liners Silicone liners
Plastic cooking utensils Wooden cooking utensils
Paper napkins Washable cloth napkins
Disposable Ziploc bags Washable silicone zip storage bags

🧽 Cleaning

Default Alternative
Plastic cleaning spray bottles Reusable glass spray bottle with protective sleeve
Scented dryer sheets Dryer balls & essential oils
Swiffer-style mops Micro-fiber cloth mops
Bleached (white) toilet paper Unbleached (brown) recycled toilet paper
Small individual trash bags Dump small bags into a large one and reuse
Disposable toilet wands Toilet brushes and detergent
Kitchen paper towels Washable cotton towels

🚿 Hygiene

Default Alternative
Toilet Paper Bamboo toilet paper
Wet wipes Reusable washcloth
Liquid soap Bar soap
Liquid shampoo Bar shampoo
Bottled conditioner Conditionner bars
Plastic razors Safety razors with disposable metal blades
Cotton swabs with plastic rods Cotton swabs with paper rods, silicon swabs
Deodorant in solid plastic dispenser, spray can, or roll-on bottles Deodorant in push-through cardboard dispenser
Plastic tube toothpaste Dry tablet toothpaste

🛍 Shopping

Default Alternative
Single-use plastic bags Backpack, totes, reusable plastic bags
Individually packaged items Bulk items
Store-bought herbs and spices Homegrown herbs and spices
Transaction and invoice paper receipts Ask for no receipts upfront
Fruit and vegetable bags (paper or plastic) Reusable mesh bags or nothing at all (veggies have skins for a reason)

🚀 Space Travel

Default Alternative
Expendable launch vehicles Reusable launch vehicles

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